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Seen luxury "Suit& tie" series, today to bring a purplish blue / yellow fluorescence of the Nike Air Max Lunar90 adjust aesthetic . The combination of Lunarlon and Max Air is evident in order to bring comfort to the slow shock as well as a lighter weight wearing experience. The use of color in fluorescent yellow, always make shoes look more rosy, crochet after Swoosh also seems to be more special. Like a friend can be purchased at Caliroots. WMNS Air Lunar90Nikenumber: 631762-700source: sneakernews 13, by China leather and footwear industry research institute, Quanzhou BaoFeng Footwear Company Limited jointly drafted the "ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA slippers and sandals" industry standard of review will be held in the spring. On the same day, the experts basic site by the industry standard, the local newspaper published the National Standardization Committee and will be revised after the formal implementation of the national development and Reform Commission approval. on the same day, Chinese Light Industry Federation integrated Department Director Liao Changjing, deputy director of the National Plastics Standard Technical Committee Chen Jiaqi, vice president China leather and footwear industry research institute Zhong Ningqing Lin Wenping, deputy bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province, the provincial economic and Trade Commission Office of textile director Chen Jianxin, executive vice president of the province the shoe industry association Xu Rong, the Secretary General Wang Jian, chairman of the Quanzhou BaoFeng Footwear Company Limited and Zheng six and industry experts, relevant departments of Quanzhou, more than 20 people participated in the review meeting. according to reports, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, referred to as EVA, cheap jordans has good flexibility and elasticity, excellent chemical and coloring properties, light weight. With the rapid development of China's shoe-making industry, EVA microcellular sole material has become one of the most important fields of application. It is mainly used in shoes, shoes, sandals, leather shoes, slippers and other substrates. At the same time, China as a big country of production of the world's EVA slippers, sandals, annual output accounted for more than 90% of total world production, there are more than 60% EVA slippers and sandals are exported to Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries every year. "to most slippers manufacturing enterprises concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong Province, last year we launched the domestic market after the discovery, the development of this industry has yet to be standardized, the need for a leading enterprises to lead." BaoFeng Shoes Co., Ltd. chairman Zheng Liuhe told reporters that China's EVA slippers, sandals manufacturers many kinds of sandals, the product is also very rich, but the lack of uniform quality standards and requirements, the production units of the inspection standards vary or lack of standard. Therefore, in order to regulate the EVA sandals Market and promote the healthy and mature development of the industry, it is necessary to formulate EVA sandals industry standards applicable to the domestic market. "who has standards, who has the right to speak" has become the consensus of the industry. According to Zheng Liuhe introduction, since the BaoFeng since last year to start the domestic market, in Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi has made a preliminary site layout. Now as a business only led the participation in the formulation of national standard, BaoFeng will further establish its position Cheap foamposites for sale in the domestic market. (editor in chief: admin) 2007 China Women's shoes international procurement festival will be held in Chengdu News reported by the media, in the industry caused a strong response. Yesterday, the procurement section at the Scitech Hotel held the first seminar -- "Beijing Yapolo seminar", more than 10 large Russian buyers are paying great attention to the footwear industry in Chengdu, they said, will be invited to participate in October held in Chengdu international procurement section. Next, the procurement section of the organizing committee will go to Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai held a seminar, invited well-known domestic and foreign buyers to chengdu. the Organizing Committee of the relevant responsible person said that the procurement section will recommend first "Beijing Yapolo seminar", has its special meaning. Beijing Yabao Road market has a history of 20 years of development, China is the largest and most professional clothing shoes export market, all merchants, bustling, there are a lot of clothing and footwear products in the trading day, the daily trading volume of more than one million U.S. dollars, most of them exported to Russia and Europe market. Reporters at the scene saw that all the advertising, shop trick are Russian and English, shop door hanging thick curtain. Market managers told reporters that most of these businesses engaged in foreign trade contacts, products are the latest styles of all countries, the protection of products is quite strict, generally open to foreign buyers only. "I've been to Chengdu, where the women's shoes are very good."." Promote the meeting, a Russian buyers told reporters that since his company's orders in Guangzhou, Wenzhou production, with the rapid growth of the coastal city of production cost, the company cheap jordans for sale has been hoping to find the ideal in the western region of the cooperative factory. After investigation, Chengdu is an ideal place for investment, and this procurement festival provides a good opportunity to exchange opportunities, he will seek opportunities to cooperate with Chengdu shoe enterprises. It is understood that Russia is one of the main exports of women's shoes in Chengdu, Sichuan every year tens of thousands of people engaged in footwear business in Russia, while more than 70% of Chengdu shoe products exported to russia. In November last year, after the introduction of the "Prohibition of business order" in Russia, the footwear industry in Chengdu, which is the main export direction of Russia, was greatly affected, and its traditional export model was challenged. Since March this year, our city has continuously held the "China year of Russia", Chengdu shoes promotion meeting, "Sino Russian footwear trade fair" and other activities, and will reduce the influence of the "ban Shang order". At the end of May, Chengdu footwear industry to attract Russia $300 million orders. "purchasing section" will have a new breakthrough." According to reports, the procurement section positioning for export and import of international trade professional exhibition, will attract international brands, international buyers and domestic brands, domestic buyers and other parties involved in the exhibition mode, innovation. Promote the meeting, the Russian buyers that will organize a delegation to participate in the procurement section, direct dialogue with the Chengdu shoemaking enterprise, the scene look like the bill, to further promote bilateral trade cooperation, which will be Chengdu footwear exports to Russia to explore new ways)mouth, sharp teeth, fast action, bloodthirsty, such as life, this is air jordan 11 space jam for sale everyone's impression of the piranha. Imagine, if you find a piranha on the road, passers-by what happens. Renowned designer Emilio Zuniga will made a bold attempt. He will of NIKE Air Max 90 shoes made comprehensive makeover, all from blue suede shoes and nylon, and a pair of shoes plus a fluorescent orange color paint, but also in front of the shoe, the shoe midsole The section with white and red paint to draw a bloody mouth, for realistic, but also added some eyes. Whole shoe exhibit is a lifelike image of ferocious piranhas. Summer wear out, presumably will be the focus of the road. & nbsp; Source: kicksonfire & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;item: 819176-104 release date: January 2016Import and export growth in the first quarter both fell sharply, indicating that the current domestic and foreign economic needs are relatively weak. Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said yesterday that China's foreign trade has not yet reached a stall level and will continue to adhere to existing measures to stabilize foreign trade, growth and structural adjustment. quarterly import and export growth both showed a sharp decline, indicating that the current domestic and foreign demand are relatively weak. Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said yesterday that China's foreign trade has not yet reached a stall level and will continue to adhere to existing measures to stabilize foreign trade, growth and structural adjustment. "our preliminary analysis of a quarter of the foreign trade import and export situation is relatively stable, the export situation in general, growth in the expected, while imports fell more obvious, to some extent the decline exceeded expectations". Shen Danyang said, "the decline in imports is mainly affected by the declin cheap foamposites e in the international market prices of bulk commodities, of course, also affected by the slowdown in domestic production of matching imports, investment in import weakening factors."." in addition to foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday, the first quarter of this year, the actual use of foreign capital China the amount of 214 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of 11.3% (not including data bank, securities, insurance and other areas). Among them, the actual use of foreign investment in service industry grew by 24.1%, and the actual use of foreign capital in manufacturing industry dropped by 3.6% year on year. Shen Danyang explained that the scale and proportion of the use of foreign capital manufacturing industry continued to decline, because some foreign manufacturing enterprises of the original Chinese business has made some adjustments, there is no so-called "foreign evacuation tide". Including some multinational companies have complained about the investment environment, mainly because of not adapting to the Chinese economy after entering the new normal, such as the rising labor costs, slowing the pace of economic development, as well as some foreign-funded enterprises may also mismanagement. according to the Ministry of Commerce announced the news, in the first quarter of this year, the actual foreign investment of the top ten countries or regions including Hongkong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Saudi arabia. At home, the actual use of foreign investment growth is faster in the eastern region, the growth rate reached 18.8%, while the central and Western respectively down 26% and 15.2% respectively. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry) Iraqi journalist throwing shoes for Bush Apologize to Bush after in Arabia world, to each other throwing shoes is a very insulting behavior. In 2003, American troops entered Baghdad's capital Baghdad to demolish the huge bronze statue of Sadam in the city centre. Iraqi people threw their shoes at the fallen bronze statue. In Arabia culture, is the lowest part of the shoe body, to other people throwing shoes, with each other on their own under the meaning, even if just put your foot on the table, people see their sole, it is very disrespectful behavior. 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According to reports, Adidas this device named miCoach Fit Smart, by the retailer Keller Sports accidental exposure. this device also appeared in the FCC, its name has been registered trademark Adidas. miCoach Fit Smart supposedly collects information such as heart rate, calorie consumption, steps, speed, etc.. From the FCC filing, we can see that this device supports Bluetooth 4, so it should be necessary to work with the mobile phone. this tracker uses a LED screen instead of a conventional display. The heart rate sensor on the back is also clearly visible in the picture. although it is not sure that the device will be equipped with Google Fit system, but Adidas is indeed one of the partners of the platform, and the name of the device also has this hint. What's more, we don't know when this device will come out. Are you interested in this device? (global shoe network Chowten editor)