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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Wang Jianlin said the acquisition during the year of the three sports enterprises. Wanda is accelerating the layout of the sports industry. sports industry is hot, not only triggered sports stocks soared, also makes Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin gains more confidence into their sport. Recently, Wang Jianlin said that within this year, Wanda Group will become the first in the world in terms of the sports industry. Who sports industry is the first in the world is? The industry does not seem conclusive. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter access to the 2014 Annual Report of Nike, showing its annual gross revenue $ 27.79 billion (US $ 172.473 billion yuan). Is Wanda Sport is directed to this goal? This year will acquire three sports business Yesterday, the domestic A-share market rose 7.83 percent in the technology industry, the industry generally believe that by Wanda announced a major push into the sports industry stimulus. Recently, Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group revealed the following merger plan. "Within this year, Wanda M will be at least three sports enterprises. Completion of these acquisitions this year, Wanda in the sports industry is a world first. In addition, I asked M & Sports, their sports can be landed in China, At the same time these companies to master the sport property or marketing rights in the world. " Wang Jianlin, also said it would soon have good news for Chinese football announced. Early in January this year, to 44.98 million eur cheap air jordans os Wanda Group to acquire a 20% stake Atletico Madrid, and enter the club's board of directors. February, and led to one billion euros to acquire 100% stake in Sports Media Group ???? party. Infront is the world's second largest sports marketing companies, sports media production and one of the world's largest broadcast company, which owns the copyright of the media daily broadcast events over 10 (including 20 world championship races) , covering 25 sports, in football and winter sports areas ranked first worldwide including 2015--2022 year's Soccer World Cup broadcast rights exclusive marketing rights. Can more than 170 billion yuan annual income? Wanda by the two companies control the upstream industry resources global sports industry. But it can help them become the world's first sports industry has not been the answer. In the world-renowned enterprises in the sports industry, Nike fiscal 2014 total revenue of $ 27.79 billion, net income of $ 2.69 billion, an increase of 9.29%. At the same time, Nike released earlier financial expectations: to 2017 fiscal year, total revenues will reach $ 36 billion. Nike Nike + advantage not only by virtue of the establishment of the world's largest online community of sports enthusiasts, but also has the ability to cut the whole category of sports: In addition to the mainstream basketball, soccer and running, Nike is also involved in golf and other sports niche market . On the sharing of business risks and market diversification, Nike than other competitors to win a chip. As Wanda sports in t cheap jordans erms of earnings can be achieved, what kind of level, it is all very much like to understand the data. China's sports industry is expected to reach 5 trillion Wang Jianlin, repeatedly stressed that the acquisition of sports company sports can be landing in China, but the scale of the enormous potential of the Chinese sports market. According to Wind data statistics, the global sports industry added value of nearly $ 900 billion in 2013, of which the added value of the US sports industry reached 450 billion US dollars, accounting for half the world, and accounts for about 2.93 percent of the annual GDP of the United States, However, this figure was only 310 billion yuan in China (about 50 billion US dollars), accounting for only 0.56 percent of GDP. Through ten years of rapid development, the US sports industry has become one of America's top ten economic pillar industries, but China is still in the primary stage of development of the market, the gap significantly. Over the past 15 - 20 years, strong growth in the global sports market, China's sports industry is ushered in strong push multiple positive inflection capital, policy, actors and so on. December 19, 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of sports consumption," formally issued, noting that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote sustained economic and social development has become an important force. Xu Jiayin, Ma, etc. have invested heavily to China's sports indu Cheap jordans online stry, how to Wang Jianlin sports industry layout will eat more cake, a huge sports market in China based on the world's sports industry first, I believe soon there will be the answer. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)Lining Wade of 3" ", " lemon drops; orange drops, " " blue drops of ", cool debut! The painted paintings inspired by the creation of the Wade to participate in charitable activities. The shoes will be available in stores and Lining designated official website on June 12, 2015, the price of 899 yuan / double. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Lining basketball this morning, Chinese swimmer Sun Yang shoes updated a microblogging, although sunyang shoe fracture of his right foot was still not fully recovered, but 361 still generous gift has a pair of looks pretty good "Qi running shoes" to him, have to say the name still sounds a little cool and mysterious feeling of. 361 in blessing Sun Yang shoes can hurry up and get better at the same time, incidentally also for new products advertised, sun is also very dedicated single foot wear and for everyone to show this 361 SAC-AIR II of the second generation of air suspending slow running sh jordan shoes online sale oes shock ", and etc. after recovery can certainly with the" lightning "sloth, run up to the brake not foot. overwhelmed 361 launched SAC-AIR II second generation of gas suspension slow shock shoes with MD (Phylon of buy) damping material and Sac-Air 2.0 palm combined gas tank type suspension, better strengthen damping, support and comfort. At the same time equipped with full palm slip resistant rubber outer sole, wear-resistant, non slip effect is better. The upper single-layer gauze material, provide better air permeability. as to what is the SAC gas suspension technology: 361 Sac-Air cushion Sac-Air gas suspension running shoes the is to regular atmospheric air for shock absorber filling material, can be continuously and circularly using inflatable, with energy conversion function is stable, no need to worry about because of air natural discouraged and loss function; at the same time, the use of air cushion is inflated type integral structure, wearing not long continued under high pressure, and significantly prolong the service life of the air cushion. before to point to observe this pair of Sac-Air gas suspension running shoes bottom, you can see the air profile shows U-shaped on double elliptical structure support stereo structure, this design can make bottom accepts shocks will impact force is dispersed into the wings on both sides of the gas, the both sides of the wing by gas pressure increased the volume expansion of foot coated fixed role; and when the heels stride, on both sides of the wing air pressure quickly return to middle, t Cheap air jordans for sale he formation of air cushion on the foot motion energy feedback loop, thereby completing the energy conversion of the stable work. At the same time, with air cushion for Sac-air dual structure, air cushion and a side wall of the air cushion "hollow hole column" together constitute the supporting framework, and the formation of a shock absorber structure system, coupled with air cushion itself unique three-dimensional air cushion structure, double shock absorber system integration operation, than all the traditional air has higher stability degree, even in the same air cushion internal pressure and external pressure, but also comfortable and stable wearing a walking. theoretically speaking such air cushion design can indeed make runners wearing it running feel more relaxed, but there are many netizens said "just feet foot and not particularly good", "air cushion will leak", current 361 air cushion technology has been updated to the second generation, but still seems to many runners don't feel too mature. so this double "SAC-A〉; 361when Fisher left NIKE for Adidas, the first pair of shoes he wore was Adidas Low Motion, and of course he's now wearing adiPure Low. This pair is his Adidas Low Motion PE. Although shoes are low, Fisher has started wearing a low pair of sneakers for the last two seasons. The shoe is made with the Lakers' away color - purple and white. In the shoes of the tongue is embroidered on the Fisher name abbreviation "D-Fish". The three bars on the heel also use the Lakers yellow color to give the shoes a sense of speed. to celebrate Jordan Brand 30th anniversary, Jordan Brangd also invited to celebrate a series of Bugs Bunny, in addition to "Hare" as the theme of the shoes, also specially introduced Hare Jordan brooch, wholeheartedly full. Classic animation modeling, very suitable for the daily collocation of Sneaker oh... Do you like it? Nike PG 1 "Ivory" is scheduled to be on sale 6 days next month, the price is $110, the sale will have adult size and GS size. vamp besides color is more special than in the details of the deal are also wonderful, the details of a large area of imitation Python scales, while the Nike Swoosh also showed brown, echoing with the brown rubber soles, overall very good sense. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! [shoes new shoes] - tasting Japanese famous reggae band MIGHTY CROWN, welcomed the establishment of 20th anniversary celebration, in order to remember this meaningful year, Nike Sportswear selection and cooperation, jointly launched since 2006, MIGHTY CROWN 15th anniversary, Nike launched their joint, launched a pair of Dunk Hi shoes, so this cooperation is gently cooked. The joint includes a pair of shoes Nike Sky Force 88 Low and a pair of Nike Dunk High, the former with a silver tone, which uses a black and red color. Both of them are embossed with snake pattern above the vamp, and they are full of luxury. In addition, insoles, heel and tongue were MIGHTY CROWN shoelace buckle reflected. It is reported that this series has been released in Japan in September 25th, like MIGHTY CROWN friends do not miss. (shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoes network editor Muzi shoesAdi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, is an outdoor running enthusiast. It is because of his preference for this sport that since 60s of last century, Adidas began to make special shoes for the special sport of marathon. Durable shoes for the purpose of "cushioning and comfort", and the extended outsole heel for enhancing the "stability", and the vamp to enhance the "heat dissipation" constitute the tradition of Adidas Marathon series running shoes. in order to enable marathon runners to wear more choices on running shoes, in 1978, Adidas launched a pair of Marathon Trainer running shoes which are more suitable for rough and harsh pavement on the basis of the original marathon running shoes. Marathon TR 10 inherited the essence of the design of Marathon Trainer in 1978, including the outline and the overall design details, and then reassembled the material of the shoe sole and the latest running technology. In the end, Marathon TR 10 with Adidas of the new generation of Formotion technology, but in the bottom, Marathon TR 10 is more emphasis on grip, the 1978 Marathon Trainer outsole high friction broken nails design has been inherited, and the use of high wear-resistant rubber eraser adiWear, fully ensure durability in marathon sports shoes; shoe, Marathon TR 10 with a solid matte leather and nylon mesh material, to ensure the protective effect of the foot in complex outdoor environment. in the spring of 2012, Adidas launched Marathon TR 10 new color, bright bright and dark collocation to calm this pair of running shoes is more visible and more fun for a special challenge all-weather mountain running. Adidas Marathon 10 new color matching will be on the market in January 2012, which is recommended for RMB 820 yuan. (responsible editor: Locke)Japanese casual sports shoe brand ANIPPON recently launched a series of Sega themed sports shoes, including Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and Sega MD three. It looks pretty flashy, but the problem is, from the box to the shoes, it's pretty flashy. Do you buy it for shoes or for a box? ANIPPON Sega series sport per pair of shoes priced at 7500 yen (about 400 yuan), and reportedly all visited the Tokyo game show game player can be in the shopping area to buy these shoes! Even if you don't love canvas shoes or casual shoes, maybe these boxes are also worthy of your collection a ? 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